Oulun Voimisteluseura briefly in English

Oulun Voimisteluseura (OVOS) offers a variety of possibilities to do gymnastics, dance and perform. We provide sports clubs for children as well as competition teams for kids, teenagers and adults. OVOS is a member of The Finnish Gymnastics Federation (Suomen Voimisteluliitto), which is one of the biggest sports federations in Finland.

Liikuntaleikkikoulu-groups are designed for both girls and boys. Liikuntaleikkikoulu is not about gymnastics and dance, but the main idea is to prepare the kids for all kinds of sports. Voimistelukoulu (“gymnastics school”) -groups are at the moment only for girls, and they are focused on either dance or flow gymnastics. All of the Voimistelukoulu-groups participate in events organised by The Finnish Gymnastics Federation and they can also perform in other kinds of occasions. Competition teams for dance and flow gymnastics train actively, perform and compete regularly.

All our trainers and coaches are trained, and in children’s groups there are also one or more assistant trainers. Every staff member in OVOS is a volunteer. It is possible to join the groups in the beginning of the season (in August), but you can also ask for free spots at other times too. Some of the groups are open for beginners and some require previous training. All the groups train in the Oulu-area.

Every group has a tuition, which is paid twice a year (autumn/spring). In addition, every member of OVOS is required to pay a membership fee once a year. The competition teams also have different kinds of payments during the season, e.g. costumes, competition trips and the license for competing in the events organised by The Finnish Gymnastics Federation.

All the operations of OVOS are run by the club committee. The principles behind our association come from our rules, values and vision. Because OVOS is a registered association, all the members are welcomed to join the decision-making. The official language of OVOS is Finnish and all the classes are taught in Finnish as well. Our aim is not to make any profit.

You can contact us via e-mail (ovos@ovos.fi) also in English. Most of the trainers are fluent in English and therefore can easily communicate with e.g. the parents of gymnasts.

Oulun Voimisteluseura on nimetty Urheilugaalassa vuoden 2021 urheiluseuraksi.

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